How To Display Android Phone Camera On Computer Screen

Three methods to display your phone camera on your computer screen.

Methos 1

This is simple – click here

Method 2

This video uses  scrcpy .  The video is particularly useful because at the end it show how to get to the Developers options to enable USB debugging.  Click to watch video.


Method 3

For Android:
1. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to your computer.
2. Enable USB debugging on your Android device (found in Developer Options in your phone’s settings).
3. Install the Android SDK on your computer or use third-party software like Vysor or scrcpy to mirror your phone’s screen on your computer.
4. Use a screen recording software on your computer to capture the mirrored screen, including the camera feed.

For iOS:
1. If you have a Mac, you can use QuickTime Player to mirror your iOS device’s screen on your computer. Connect your iOS device to your Mac using a USB cable and open QuickTime Player, then select “New Movie Recording” and choose your iOS device’s screen.
2. For Windows, you can use third-party software like ApowerMirror or 5KPlayer to mirror your iOS device’s screen.

Keep in mind that while these methods allow you to monitor your phone’s camera feed on your computer, they may introduce some delay, which could impact the quality of videos, especially if you’re looking for real-time monitoring. Additionally, some of these methods may require additional software installations or may not work with all phone models and operating system versions.

If you specifically want to monitor the camera feed in real-time for professional video recording or streaming, you may want to consider using dedicated hardware and software solutions designed for this purpose. These typically provide a more stable and low-latency experience.

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