How To Use Kicad

How to use kicad

Kicad docs https://docs.kicad.org/7.0/en/eeschema/eeschema.html#grids


How To Generate Gerber – Click Here


Auto Routing And Netclasses  – Excellent how to .


PC Cupid 22 video series playlist – detailed.

Questions and Answers https://pcbcupid.com/

Make A traffic Light  – simple project  very good on shortcuts and where to click time 7:30 to assign footprint with ability to use 3d viewer to check.

Quick Design Example and Build – more complex but good  shows how to label wire ends to connect sponsored by pcbway

Learn in 25inutes – excellent  basic start

Digikey Into To Kicad  – Part 6  Making exact size edge cut and design rules.

Time 10:30 the outline.

  • Create or Open a Symbol: Create a new symbol or open an existing one that you want to assign a default footprint to.
  • Add a Field for Footprint Reference: In the symbol editor, you can add a user-defined field to store the default footprint reference. This field will hold the footprint name that you want to associate with this symbol.
  • Click on the “Add field” button or use the “Place > Add Field” menu option.
  • Choose a suitable field name (e.g., “Footprint”).
  • Set the field type to “String” or “Text”.
  • Enter the desired default footprint name in the field value.


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